Angkor Art Explo (29 Oct – 19 Nov 2011)

Based on the press release 23rd Aug 2011 :

Angkor Art Explo is a three part, three week contemporary arts festival to bring local Cambodian art to its roots, take it to the mass, and expose it to the world by creating a platform of dialogue between international and local artists.

Launches on the 29th October – 5th November 2011 in Cambodia’s cultural heartland Battambang with a week exhibitions.

Continues on the 6th – 9 November 2011 with travelling 175 km by ‘Art-Cycles’ through villages, stopping at Pagodas, local markets and schools to exhibit mobile art of works and create pop-art temporary exhibitions for local villagers along the way.

Then finishes in Siem Reap 10th – 19th November 2011 at the summit of Water Festival celebration with final week of exhibitions, collaborations, workshops, performances and screenings.

The event will be participated by Cambodian and international artists. It is supported by Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor , Soksabike , Asia Expeditions, The Siem Reap Hostel , Tyler Jellison, Trails of Indochina , and many more.


3 thoughts on “Angkor Art Explo (29 Oct – 19 Nov 2011)

  1. Love your post! I love to read about inventive and helpful art events. This is a wonderful way to expose. I loved reading the part about art being brought to the villagers for visual arts culture. Great!! Wish I could be there!

    • Hi Calonie,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m also stunned with the art-scene here it’s very diverse, open-minded and courageous….you can find from the most traditional till the most contemporary, from sketch, pencil draw till recycled electronic. Just amazing that it is all in Siem Reap. I will write and take lots of pics of Angkor Art Explo and definitely put it on my blog. I truly hope you can come&visit Siem Reap someday! Cheers.

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