ehomestay canggu: a surf-camp in Bali that feels like home

The only surf-camp/home stay with sea view and surrounded by rice paddy field in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

Sleeping in a tree-house on a very unique wooden hut with reed thatching roof. Both 5 minutes walking distance to well known surf break Perenan beach with 5 surfing points and tourist destination Echo Beach.

Be prepared to bump into pros and world champion surfers!

cute-rice-paddy-field-view-from-2nd-floor wpid-picsart_1364003204131 unique-airy-teakwood-hut-with-reed-thatching-roof img_6927 gate-sign-of-ehomestay-canggu e-homesta-canggu-double-view-of-se-rice-field wpid-picsart_1364005412911531244_4738807821856_1648449588_nbreath-taking-sunset-at-pererenan-beach-canggu surfer-his-dog-and-the-sea picsart_1363404406482 picsart_1363149882886 motorbike-rent-bali lukas-surfing-canggu-baliimg_0195 img_0083 img_0060

*Thank you Esi for letting me using your photos!!!!

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